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2019 – Deeper in Him

This year’s focus will be on Spiritual Disciplines.  We wish to abide deeper  in the comforting welcoming arms of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We desire to feel His smile upon our Face.  We long to hear those words “Well Done My Good and Faithful Servant.”  Therefore this year we will place emphasis on and exercise Spiritual Discipline in various areas of our lives.  We’ve listed some disciplines below to help you walk toward that goal of meeting up with God and striving toward Holiness.  Let’s face it none of us are perfectly disciplined in all areas but by practicing each daily it becomes a habit.  Then we’ll find ourselves practicing without even noticing we are.  Let’s finish this race with perseverance….

Solitude: Refraining from interacting with other people in order to be alone with God and be found by him. (Solitude is completed by silence.)

Silence: Not speaking in a quiet place in order to quiet our minds and whole self and attend to God’s presence. Also, not speaking so that we can listen to others and bless them.

Fasting: Going without food (or something else) for a period of intense prayer — the fast may be complete or partial.

Sabbath: Doing no work to rest in God’s person and provision; praying and playing with God and others. (God designed this for one day a week. We can practice it for shorter periods too.)

Secrecy: Not making our good deeds or qualities known to let God or others receive attention and to find our sufficiency in God alone.

Submission: Not asserting ourselves in order to come under the authority, wisdom, and power of Jesus Christ as our Lord, King, and Master. (If you think of this as submitting to a person as unto Christ then it’s a discipline of engagement.)

Bible Reading: Trusting the Holy Spirit-inspired words of Scripture as our guide, wisdom, and strength for life.

Worship: Praising God’s greatness, goodness, and beauty in words, music, ritual, or silence.

Prayer: Conversing with God about what we’re experiencing and doing together. (As we see in the Lord’s Prayer the main thing we do in prayer is to make requests of our Father for one another.)

Soul Friendship: Engaging fellow disciples of Jesus in prayerful conversation or other spiritual practices.

Personal Reflection: Paying attention to our inner self in order to grow in love for God, others, and self.

Service: Humbly serving God by overflowing with his love and compassion to others, especially those in need

Spiritual Disciplines derived from:  http://www.soulshepherding.org/2012/07/spiritual-disciplines-list/ 

Father God we thank you Lord for bringing us into a New Year to do a new thing with you.  Father we ask that you transform our minds to understand and receive that we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.  When that old mind tries to come to the forefront and tell us we can’t, we ask that we are strengthened in and through you to boldly tell ourselves that we can do ALL things through Christ.  We thank you God for the doors of opportunity that will be opened to us this year and most importantly for the season of preparation we’ve gone through to allow us access.  Father we walk confidently with you as Daughters of the King and there is nothing to hinder us from moving forth and it is with transformed and renewed minds that we shift into our destiny.  In Christ’s name, Amen.